Stork signs make a very unique and wonderful gift. Yes, you can absolutely order them as gifts. If your rental is a gift, we will include a card for the recipient to let them know who gifted the stork rental.

We do provide stork signs for rent for Baby Showers, Sip & Sees and Gender Reveals. They add a unique touch to your event.

Grandparents feel very excited at the arrival of their grandkids and want to be a part of the celebration. We do provide grandparent storks with generic bundles or personalized bundles. Please see pricing here.

The personalized bundles are left behind but the generic bundles are picked up at the end of the rental period.

We offer signs for siblings too, after all, they are now the Big Brother and Big Sister in the family. Pets can get their own personalized signs.

We would need the details of the baby (Full name, height, weight, birthdate), address for delivery, and full payment at the time of order.

Our birth announcement rentals are for 7 days. We also provide 1-day rentals for Gender Reveals, Baby Showers, and Sip & See Events.

We deliver to

Autauga County – Prattville, Deatsville, Marbury, Autaugaville, Billingsley, Pine Level, Booth
Elmore County – Millbrook, Wetumpka, Eclectic, Deatsville, Holtville, Coosada, Elmore, Tallassee
Montgomery County – Montgomery, Pike Road, Hope Hull,
Chilton County – Clanton, Maplesville, Thorsby, Jemison

There is no delivery fee as long as you live within 20 miles of 36066. If outside of this delivery area, there will be an additional delivery fee. Up to 30 miles Free, 31- 35 miles $10, 36-40 $25 Anything further please call for the delivery fee.

Please order 24 hours in advance if possible. We will take reservations for planned C-section deliveries if paid in advance. We do not reserve newborn storks in advance due to the unpredictability of a baby’s arrival. Our flock is large. We will have a sign available for you within 48-hours of your call. We begin deliveries at 7:30 every morning. Most often, we are able to install the sign(s) before the baby arrives home, but it is not guaranteed.
Our firm cut-off for next-day delivery of newborn sign rentals is 4:00 p.m. the day before. If the delivery address is in our service area, and you’d like to have the stork in the yard before the new parents and baby arrive home, we must have all the necessary info and payment no later than 4:00 p.m. the afternoon before they are to be discharged. Earlier notice is always appreciated. We don’t guarantee a sign will be installed prior to the new parents returning home with the baby in any location, although we strive to do so.

Once your baby is born, please call/text us at 334-612-1061 or 334-717-3284 or email at hello@youvebeenstorkedandmore.com. We request 24 hours' notice on deliveries. We will need the delivery address, baby’s first and middle name, last name, date of birth, weight, and length. If your rental is a gift, we will include a card for the recipient to let them know who gifted the stork rental.

We accept payment via Square - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. All payment transactions must be made by phone or via email.

**All payments must be paid in full prior to delivery.

Yes. We install signs on traditional residential lawns. We define a lawn as a wide expanse of unobstructed soil with grass on the top. For example, we cannot install signs in rocks, pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, raised beds, garden pots, thick landscaping or hard packed soil that has been used as a driveway. We are unable to install signs in areas where rocks /small boulders cover the “yard” or are prominent in the “yard.” We are required to drive the stake into the ground 10-inches to properly / safely install a sign. It’s not possible in the situations described above.
We cannot place a sign in front of public utility boxes, water mains or any other structure owned by the city, county or state. We cannot impede access to these areas or we could be fined and / or have our signs destroyed because they are impeding the area. We will offer a stork on a stand for an additional $20

We will choose an area that we think is highly visible and provides wonderful photo opportunities.

NO you do not have to be present.  We will deliver, install, and pick up our sign. Please let us know of any gate codes, specific location directions, or animals that may be a threat.

We kindly ask that you please do not move or attach anything to the rental signs. Damage to the stork is the homeowners’ responsibility. Balloons may pop and heat will melt the latex onto the sign, thus ruining it. Please keep it free of any attachments or additions that are not installed by us.

We provide cancellation and refund under the following circumstances:
1. You cancel your stork sign rental at least 24 hours in advance
2. Extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up your sign

No refunds if the following occurs:
1. We are unable to gain entrance into a gated community
2. The security guard refuses us to gain entrance
3. The homeowner or recipient does not allow us to set up the sign or calls us to request that we pick up the sign prior to the end of the rental period
4. A dog or other animal is threatening or refuses to allow us onto the property